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Foldable bluetooth (3.0) keyboard


• Wireless keyboard with Bluetooth 3.0 standard • Small and foldable for convenient carry • Automatic power On/Off by opening/closing • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery • Supports 10 m working distance • Standby time up to 30 days • Lightweight, quiet keystrokes • Supports Windows, Android, iOS




Not to be underestimated

Even if its really compact You dont have to give up on anything. Our wireless keyboard is really easy to connect via Bluetooth, just fold it open and connect it with your device.

Keyboard to go

You can carry the KSK-3010BT in a space saving way. It fits almost any bag and is always a fold away from the next mission. The protective enclosure is a safe way to store the keyboard when closed.

Small but handy

The KSK-3010BT has the functionality of a full-size keyboard, with special keys for Android, iOS and Windows as well as multimediakeys like play/pause and volume control.

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Our download center offers actual firmware updates, drivers, software and more for your RaidSonic products for download. We recommend you to look particularly for new firmware from time to time. Do you have a multi-media player or a NAS? Then new firmware can enhance the potential of your ICY BOX significantly. In the case of the multi-media player you make it fit for new video and audio formats.

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IP protection classes and their meaning Several ICY BOX and KeySonic products have a so called IP protection class (e.g. IP54 or IP66). This IP indication specifies the level of protection against certain environmental conditions, particularly against foreign particles (e.g. dust) and water. The IP protection classes are defined by two digits and are subdivided into different levels. While the first digit specifies the protection against foreign particles, the second digit defines the degree of protection against moisture. IP protection classes: Level Meaning 0 No protection 1 Protection against objects with a diameter > 50 mm 2 Protection against objects with a diameter > 12.5 mm 3 Protection against objects with a diameter > 2.5 mm 4 Protection against objects with a diameter > 1.0 mm 5 Dust protected 6 Dust tight Level Meaning 1 Protection against dripping water 2 Protection against dripping water when tilted up to 15° 3 Protection against spraying water 4 Protection against splashing of water 5 Protection against water jets 6 Protection against powerful water jets 7 Protection against temporary immersion 8 Protection against permanent immersion 9 Protection against high-pressure cleaning / steam cleaning This means that the external ICY BOX enclosure IB-276U3 with protection level IP66 is dust tight and protected against powerful water jets. In addition to the dust and water proof IB-276U3, there is the IB-278U3 (IP54) and the IB-279U3 (IP65), all of which are external enclosures for 2.5" drives. Regarding KeySonic keyboards mainly those from the industrial line (like KSK-5230IN) comply with IP68 protection class.

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When you have purchased a product from us our relationship doesn’t end, rather a new kind of relationship will start. It doesn’t matter if you have questions or you want to update an older product or you have a problem (with the product) that we shall solve, you are welcome. By the way, RMA means returnmerchandise authorization.

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Below you can find general information regarding the product.



Article No:


EAN Code:










Construction of keyboard:

Life expectancy:


Pressure point:

Transmission frequency:

Batterie typ:

Power supply:

Power consumption:

Funk range:

Up to 10 m


Bluetooth 3.0

Number of keys:




Special Features:

Foldable with protective enclosure


Windows, Android, Mac iOS

Box content:

1x KSK-3010BT, charging cable, protective enclosure

Packing unit:

30 pcs/carton

Total weight:

10.75 kg/carton

Gross weight (incl. packing):

0.339 kg

Net weight:

0.178 kg


495x260x205 mm

Dimension of packing box:

175x115x30 mm

Dimension of article:

168x105x15 mm

Country of origin:


Import tax: